What those that attended the Festival have been telling us, good and bad,
will be posted here as and when we get them

Just to say we all enjoyed both Sunday and Monday's program - the fun omnium on Monday was great from a spectators viewpoint!

Peter Lisher

Hi Guys, (And Girls)


Just like to pass on my thanks and congratulation for a great event, we came over on Sunday and had a lovely day. Enjoyed the Grass Track racing and all the other attractions/ food & drink stands etc.. 


Obviously the weather helps. But look forward to next year.


Thanks again.

Clive Tricker

Hello Mildenhall CC team


On behalf of the Tricycle Association. I would like to congratulate you all for the excellent rally you organised this Bank Holliday.


The new venue seemed to us to work very well. The Grass track racing, cyclo cross, and children’s entertainment etc were well organised as usual.


The showers and toilets, caterers and the village hall filled all our needs. We will be back next year.

Geoff Booker

Tricycle Association

Many thanks also for your part in the organisation of what was a brilliant way to spend Bank Holiday - so glad Mildenhall is back in our diaries again.

Dave Thornhill

Hi all


Well done , just got back home.

Excellent venue and I think having the village hall open and usable was a unexpected bonus with friendly staff and a great atmosphere.


At first I though I would miss not being able to stroll into Mildenhall , however the ride in was pleasant and safe at all hours an added bonus.


I hope it was successful enough for you to be able to continue for many years.


I have been going to Mildenhall for quite a few years now and @ 62+ thought I would resent the change and be constantly saying well it was better at the school site.


That did not happen all aspects of it were an improvement on the school.


Camp site was better - short grass a luxury as I have a small tent and the rough field was just to rough to be comfortable [ I was next to the cycle campers ] good the grass was well mown with most of the cuttings remove.


Toilets - nice touch to have individual one's in that field to stop the long trek to the main block - also to have the village hall one's !


Showers - those portable one's are never great however they were an improvement on the school one's and usable.


Catering was good - I know a lot of effort was put into the school kitchen and later the marque , the new vendors outside the village hall were there early and stayed late I hope they found it profitable to be there.


Weather - you did a great job on that as well !!!

Paul Needham