What those that attended the Festival have been telling us, good and bad,
will be posted here as and when we get them

We just wanted to give our festival feedback as we didn't get round to filling in the form.


To answer your questions we camped at the festival and thought that the charges were about right, there were 4 people in our party and we had been before.


We enjoyed the variety of cycling activities available, in particular the addition of the time trial was a good idea. Our children most enjoyed the racing and bouncy castle.


The major downside from our point of view was the small number of competitors in the grass track events.


In terms of new attractions we can't think of anything particular to add. We enjoyed the quiz, but did note that the questions were the same as last year. While it didn't really help this year we may remember them for next year.


Lastly we just wanted to say thank you to all the organizers, we had a great time at the festival this year and will be back next year.


Thank you

Dan & Liz Tozer

Thank you and all the volunteers for a great rally, we forgot to fill in the request form for next year, however, would like to be included in your email list.


We particularly enjoyed the extension to the rally but were sad to note the lack of people in the trade tent. 


You asked about camping prices which are really good for us as we are on quite a low income. 


Just a thought, having seen the big yellow skip over the last few years, would it be possible to have some recycling points on the rally field and the main campsite as a lot of recyclable materials are going in the skip?


Thanks again for a great time.


See you again next year.

Kind regards

Pippa and John

Just like to express our thanks from five members of Notts CTC who cycled to you're event Friday and retuned Tuesday


Great site well impressed with showers and the toilet's very clean and well stocked.


Had lovely ride's to lavenham and Cambridge and walk to Mildenhall on the lovely bridleway, great tea and cake and beer in the hall.


Good to bring a few more next year.


Please pass on our thanks to the organisers and helper's for a memorable long weekend and catch up


Kind Regards

Ian G Mitchell

Thank you for taking Ivys medicine we all completely forgot. As Emma left early we couldn't pick it up from Viv as we don't live near our daughter but they have more at home.


Also thank you for a good weekend the children thoroughly enjoyed it and were thrilled with all their medals.


Hopefully things will get ironed out for next year and get the people back to the rally.


See you next year.

All the best

Lynn and Alan