Cyclists Table-Top Sale

The Mildenhall Festival has a long record of holding Cycle Jumble's and after recent year's of it being a Cycle Jumble from a car-boot, this year, we will be holding it inside the Village Hall.


Mildenhall has a reputation as being a great place for cyclists to get rid of the bits 'n' piece's that have been hoarded while for others, to get a bargain and we expect it to be no different this year.


We will provide you with up to two tables.


You can either book by email or online


Jumble Online Booking

Book your Table-Top Sale tables online

Booking Conditions

  1. £10.00 per table
  2. Limit of two tables per person/household
  3. Open to sellers from 10am
  4. Sale will end when the bar closes at 4pm

  5. All items must be kept within the area of your table
  6. NO Trade selling new items.
  7. Anyone selling found to be a trader/dealer, will be asked to leave.

For Email Bookings please contact:-