Cyclists Car-Boot Sale (Sunday)

After last year's successful introduction of a Cycle Jumble from a car-boot, we will be offering the same opportunity this year.

The only difference is that you will need to pre-book!

Mildenhall has long had a reputation as being a great place for cyclists to get rid of the bits 'n' piece's that have been hoarded while for others, to get a bargain and we expect it to be no different this year.


With those selling from their car-boots behind the spectators around the grass-track it creates a relaxed environment to enjoy the racing as well.


You can either book by post or online


Jumble Online Booking

Book your Jumble Car-Boot online

Booking Conditions

  1. £10.00 per car-boot
  2. Limit of one vehicle per person/household
  3. Open to sellers from 10am
  4. Sale will end at the end of grass-track racing

  5. All items must be kept within the area of your vehicle
  6. NO Trade selling new items.
  7. Anyone selling found to be a trader/dealer, will be asked to leave.

For Postal Bookings send your application letter and appropriate fee, to:-

Mildenhall CC (Jumble), PO Box 266, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 9AW.


Please make cheques payable to Mildenhall CC
and enclose an SAE to receive confirmation.